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Register a company with Xolo Leap and complete onboarding by 31.12 and save €265 on company registration fee!

By taking part in this promotion, you are agreeing to use Xolo Leap for a minimum of 6 months. Users who choose to terminate their partnership early will be billed for the original €265 registration fee.

Xolo Go

An ingeniously simple way to legally invoice clients in 186 countries without registering a company.


5% fee on payouts to personal bank account

(+0.9% processing fee and +1.9% on card payments)

  • Update clients in 186 countries
  • VAT-compliant invoices in 7 currencies
  • Receive SEPA and card payments
  • Reimburse business expenses
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing

Xolo Leap

The forces of Estonian e-Residency and Xolo Leap combine to help you launch an EU business of one and run it from anywhere on the planet.

Launch and run your fully-remote
EU business
Try risk-free for 3 months


Connect payment gateways, add shareholders
Priority attention with unlimited add-on services
Prices displayed do not include VAT.
Compare plans
€89 /month
€129 /month
€199 /month
Online company registration (if needed)
Virtual Office: legal address, PO box & local contact
Shareholders (private people only) or board members
Guaranteed compliance with Estonian regulations
Supported banks (integrated with Self Service)
LHV, Wise, Revolut
Custom options
Custom options
Receive payments via payment gateways (integrated with Self Service)
Stripe, Paypal
Stripe, Paypal
Branded invoices
Mobile app
Sales activity supported through other platforms
Sell apps via Google Play & Apple App Store
Sell digital services via Amazon
Sell services via freelancing platforms (Upwork, Paddle)
Sell software and apps via Paddle
Investment activitites supported
Invest in stocks
Invest in crowdfunding
Invest in startups (less than 20% of the stake)
Monthly bank transactions
Expense document processing
VAT collection & declaration
VAT OSS support for digital services
Pay yourself a salary & dividends
Pay salaries to employees (employees must be Estonian tax residents)
Mandatory reporting to Statistics Estonia
Preparation & submission of Estonian annual reports
Corporate taxes filed in Estonia
Personalized customer service from a dedicated accountant
Priority services
Customer Support via phone call or Zoom (1 hour per month)
Customer Support tickets receive first priority
Quarterly business review meetings with an accountant (if needed)
Assistance finding tax, legal or business consultants for complex use cases
Flexibility in supporting non standard use cases
Annual report submitted in priority order
Additional services are free of charge
Senior accountant (10+ years of experience) appointed to the company
Past-due annual report: We charge extra if all necessary documentation isn't provided by the deadline (30.06)
Revisions to submitted reports (any report)
Customized services available upon request
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