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At Xolo, talented freelancers take center stage with professional profiles — leverage experience from talented peers who’ve been where you’re at, or even team-up with other freelancers to tackle a greater array of projects.

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Was really happy to see Xolo not treating me as a discount piece of labour. Here I’m encouraged to charge what my services are worth, and I get the feeling clients expect that too.

Isabella R., Digital Marketer

Currently building my first freelance team (weird feeling also being a freelancer) and excited to be tackling our first project! The feature isn’t something I’ve seen before, and has really pulled me out of my ‘Solo’ box!

Alex M., Full-stack Developer

Created my profile for free after years of using the Xolo Go product. I’m excited to see the growing community and networking opportunities that come with it. That’s the whole game for a freelancer.

Heidi M., Graphic Designer

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