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Xolo features fully integrated business banking, so you can set up everything you need to do business without leaving your home.

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Business & banking
Set up a business and start getting paid quickly.
Fully remote setup
Get your account online by going through some simple steps.
EU based & secure
Get an EU IBAN and a deposit guarantee for your company.

business and banking

Xolo offers a rare opportunity - you can start doing business in no time and banking is included in the overall product. You’ll get a dedicated IBAN, and you can start getting paid in Euros as soon as your account is open.

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Xolo Go

Gets you going quickly. You can start invoicing and get a business bank account without setting up a real company.

  • Available immediately after setup
  • An Estonian IBAN
  • Transfers to your personal account available anytime
  • Invoicing and expense reporting fully integrated with your company account
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Xolo Leap

Set up your own company with the help of e-Residency and get access to business banking with EU deposit guarantee.

  • Open within 48 hours once you’re verified
  • A German IBAN
  • A company debit card
  • Your money is guaranteed up to €100,000

Opening account


Go through the entire business setup and banking onboarding process completely remotely thanks to modern video verification possibilities.

With Xolo Go, you’ll get access to your IBAN as soon as you’re signed up and verified. You don’t need to do anything else.

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Transparent pricing

No extra

Business banking is integrated into your Xolo account which means that there is no separate fee for your bank account. Take a look at Xolo pricing plans.

In some rare cases, some charges might apply for some exceptional transactions such as withdrawing cash from an ATM or losing your card. See the full list of fees here.

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& reliable

Keep track easily
All of your transactions are visible on the Xolo self-service platform.
Deposit guarantee
With Xolo Leap banking, your money is guaranteed up to €100,000.
Reliable partners
Bank accounts are operated by our licensed banking partners Wirecard and LHV.
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Use your online dashboard to keep track of all your business-related transactions.

The account can be used to pay for business expenses.

With Xolo Go, make withdrawals to your personal bank account anytime.

With Xolo Leap, you’ll be able to pay yourself a salary or dividends.


In addition to Xolo integrated banking, you can also opt for other service providers such as TransferWise, Stripe or PayPal.

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If you need an Estonian IBAN for your Xolo Leap company, you can opt for an Estonian bank LHV.
If you need to be paid in multiple currencies, we’d recommend getting a TransferWise account for your business.
You can link your Xolo Leap account to payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal, so you can be paid via these into your Xolo banking account directly.

The Full Breakdown

Take a look at the comparison between different banking options here.

asked questions, answered

There are no monthly fees for our integrated banking. It comes as part of your Xolo account.

However, with Xolo Leap, you’ll still need to pay for currency conversion, a new card in case of loss, or for a returned direct debit. You can find the full list of fees here.

There are. You can opt for an account with Estonian bank LHV, or fintech company TransferWise. If you’re planning to work across multiple currencies we’d recommend getting a TransferWise account for your business anyway. Take a look at the comparison between different banking options. For Xolo Go, there are no other banking options available for now.

Yes. With Xolo Leap, your money is guaranteed up to €100,000 by the EU deposit guarantee.

With Xolo Go, the banking services are provided by Xolo's banking partner LHV. The funds are kept on Xolo Go customer accounts in LHV and the transfers initiated by you are executed by Xolo. The EU deposit guarantee does not apply for business accounts used in Xolo Go.