How to withdraw money?

Last updated: September 03, 2020

To take out money from your Xolo Go business account, go to the "Withdrawals" section of the dashboard.

Once there, you are able to enter the amount that you wish to withdraw from the Go account. The 5% Xolo fee will be displayed, along with the remaining balance on your Go account after the transfer. The 5% fee is calculated from the payment amount and then also taken away from your current balance. This ensures that it is not possible to withdraw more than the current balance.

For example, if you have 500 EUR and wish to withdraw 100 EUR leaving 400 EUR on the balance then the Xolo fee would be 5 EUR and you will receive 95 EUR on your personal account.

Once you have confirmed the withdrawal, it will be approved and executed by Xolo within one business day.

Note that if you have any outstanding business expenses that have not been paid yet, then those will need to be resolved before you can withdraw funds from the account.

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