Can I pause/hibernate my company?

Last updated: April 03, 2018

By law an Estonian company cannot be 'paused' or 'hibernated'. It can be either active, in dissolution, or permanently closed.

However, we understand the necessity of an option like this. On one hand, you could terminate your Xolo Leap service agreement anytime you like to cut costs, but in order to keep your company in the Business Register, you need to find an alternative service provider who can offer you the legal address and local contact person functions, required by the Business Register. So there's no option to cut your running costs to zero, but they can be reduced. You can find possible service providers for the address and contact person from the e-Residency website.

For Xolo Leap customers in this situation, we can offer you a chance to downgrade your Xolo Leap service plan to 'hibernate' status. This means:

  • We'll still keep on providing the required legal address, contact person and compliance for the company, and preserve the transactions and documents collected for accounting purposes so far

  • But we won't process transactions nor provide active accounting support during the 'hibernation' period

  • Once you decide to start using your Estonian company again, it's easy to reactivate the account at full scale, and at no extra cost.

  • During the 'hibernation' period we charge a reduced monthly fee of €29 + 20% VAT.

  • As soon as your company starts making revenue, or you're actively using it, your fee will return to the normal monthly price.

If applicable: As a prerequisite, your company would need to terminate the VAT payer status in Estonia.

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