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Why are my withdrawal requests locked?

Letzte Aktualisierung: May 27, 2022

Withdrawal requests may be locked due to several reasons:

  • There may be new transactions which are not yet matched with an invoice or which need further input from you (for example, you have not yet compiled sales invoice for the payment).

  • Withdrawal requests are locked in case the VAT payable has not yet been deducted from your Xolo Go account. Once the VAT payable is deducted from you Xolo Go account, the withdrawal request will be opened automatically.

  • There may be expense documents which are still being processed by Xolo. Once the documents are processed and if there are sufficient funds on your Xolo Go account, then the expenses will be reimbursed to your personal account and after that, the withdrawal requests will be opened again. Unfortunately, in case there are not yet sufficient funds to reimburse the expense to your personal account, then the withdrawal request will not be opened automatically. Therefore, you should decide whether you will wait until there are sufficient funds on your Xolo Go account and the expense can be reimbursed to you or you can request deletion of the expense document (by contacting us at ​support@xolo.io) and then the withdrawal requests will be opened again.

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