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How does the registration process work with the local authorities?

Letzte Aktualisierung: September 01, 2022

Doing your autónomo registration with Xolo is a very simple, fast and secure process. In just 10 minutes you can finish the process and in 1 working day you will be registered as an autónomo in Spain and start invoicing your clients!

After signing up on our website with your name, surname and email, this is how the autónomo registration process works:

  1. Tell us that you want to register as an autónomo on our platform (this means that you are NOT officially registered with Hacienda and/or Social Security as a freelancer in Spain)

  2. Fill in a form with your personal data and verify your identity

  3. Describe briefly the professional activity that you are going to perform

❗The process is finalized and becomes effective after signing Xolo’s Service Agreement and making the payment for the monthly subscription. We will only process your registration as soon as the subscription process is completed, i.e. you have reached this point.

Once the process is completed, our accountants will review the information and if everything is correct and nothing is missing, we will register you with the Hacienda and Social Security in 1 working day. 

How do I know if everything is in order?

You will receive a confirmation from Xolo, Hacienda and Social Security once your autónomo registration is effective and you will be able to download the registration information in your profile.

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