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What type of invoice should I create?

Last updated: June 12, 2024

When creating an invoice in Xolo Estonia self-service, you need to choose the type of invoice you need.

Professional service:

A professional service is a service requiring specialized knowledge and skill, usually of a mental or intellectual nature. It is a service that is delivered to the customer by using a significant human intervention/involvement.

Examples of professional service:

  • Consultancy (including consulting through email)

  • Live webinars

  • Web design

  • Brand architecture (incl. creating logos, slogans, etc.)

  • Content development and strategy

  • Photography or any other individually commissioned content sent in a digital form

  • Software development and design

  • Translation services

  • Educational or professional courses where the content is delivered by a person during a live session via the internet or an electronic network (vs prerecorded content)

Digital service:

The following elements together form a digital service:

  • A service (i.e. not goods)

  • Delivered via the internet, or an electronic network

  • Supply is essentially automated or involves minimal human intervention

  • Difficult to perform the service in the absence of information technology

Read more about digital services here.

Expenses covered by the customer

When you need to create an invoice including 'expenses covered by customer', please let us know at, so we could activate the feature.

This type can be used when your client is covering some business trip or other business-related expenses. For example, flight tickets or buying a domain for your client whose web page you're developing. You'll then bill these expenses to your client by creating an invoice.

It's important to also upload the expense document for the purchase into the 'Expenses' section by clicking 'upload expenses' in the top right corner. Please note that the covered amount by the customer has to match with the related expense documents amounts.

Delayed interest

Delayed interest can be applied to an invoice, and is later payable if your client has broken the rules that you've agreed in a contract, or in a previous sales invoice.

Living space rent

Living space rent can be applied to an invoice when your company rents out an apartment in Estonia for living purposes.

Business space rent

Business space rent can be applied to an invoice when your company rents out an office property in Estonia for business purposes.

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