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What is the Profit Planner?

Last updated: January 14, 2022

The Profit Planner is a new feature that we've recently introduced! It's purpose is to help you schedule automatic withdrawals from your Xolo business bank account to your personal bank account (one last thing on your to-do list, right?).

The profit planner gives you three options for automatic withdrawal:

  • Immediately: The withdrawal is scheduled for the day after the payment is received in your Xolo business bank account. 

  • Monthly: Choose a day (a pay day, if you will) when you want your money to be automatically withdrawn to your personal bank account every month.

  • Annually: A withdrawal will be automatically made 12 months to the day after you received the payment for your first invoice. This payment will be made every year until you indicate otherwise.

You can access the Profit Planner at any time on the Withdrawals page. And if you're experiencing second thoughts, don't worry! You can change or even cancel your automatic payments at any time.

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