What benefits do I have with Xolo Go Spain?

Last updated: March 19, 2021

Xolo Go Spain gives all the tools and assistance necessary for you to begin providing freelance services to your customers while remaining in compliance with local rules in Spain. This way everything is covered by a single service provider and there's no need to hire an additional accountant to take care of your tax matters and paperwork.

In addition, we offer other features that you can benefit from. You can collect the money from your customer and keep it in the Xolo Go business account for up to one year. This way, you can regulate your withdrawals from Xolo Go and your freelance income.

You can manage your business expenses with Xolo Go and make purchases in the name of Xolo Go OÜ. That way, it is possible to benefit from the VAT system and also deduct the business expenses from your taxable income.

Since Xolo Go invoices the end-customer then if one of your customers does not pay, you won’t have to include that invoice in your quarterly VAT declaration in Spain. So at the very least, you won’t have to pay the VAT on a service you haven't been paid for!

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