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How to fulfill payments for electronic stamps of duty

Last updated: May 04, 2023

How to pay for electronic Stamps of duty directly on the Revenue Agency website

First we will have to access our reserved area (fisconline) through the Revenue Agency website and then the thematic area "Fatturazione elettronica". To do this you need to have the SPID, so if you don't already have one, we advise you to proceed with the registration.


In the“consultazione” area you will find “fatture elettroniche e altri dati IVA”, click on it.


Then in the “Fatture elettroniche” area click on the voice “pagamento Imposta di bollo


The next screen summarizes the invoices issued and the stamps of duty applied for the invoices relating to a selected period. To proceed with the payment, click on "Calcolo pagamento bollo" by debiting your bank account or using the F24 model.


If we want to proceed with the payment through the F24, a summary screen of the data will open, which will be modifiable.

How to pay via F24

If for any reason we are unable to access the revenue Agency website to make the payment directly, it is possible to fill in the F24 independently, bearing in mind the following tax codes:

  • 2521 stamp duty on first quarter electronic invoices;
  • 2522 stamp duty on second quarter electronic invoices;
  • 2523 stamp duty on third quarter electronic invoices;
  • 2524 stamp duty on fourth quarter electronic invoices;
  • 2525 stamp duty on electronic invoices penalties; "in case of active repentance"
  • 2526 stamp duty on electronic invoices, interest. "in case of voluntary repentance"

In case of active repentance, i.e. payment beyond the deadlines, we advise you to entrust yourself to a professional.

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