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👉 No registered company? No problem! Use a slice of Xolo to legally invoice clients in 164 countries.

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How to use the Xolo free invoice generator to
invoice a company as a freelancer?

Fill in your company info, invoice date, and invoice number

List billable work with descriptions and agreed rates

Add taxes and specify the payment terms

Download your PDF invoice and send it to your clients via email

Benefits of using invoice generator as a

Xolo invoice generator
Manual invoice creation
Quick and EfficientGenerate invoices in minutes with automated templates and calculations.
Time-ConsumingManually create each invoice, which can be a slow process.
AccuracyReduce errors with automated calculations for totals, taxes, and discounts.
Prone to ErrorsManual calculations can lead to mistakes in invoicing.
Professional TemplateAccess to professionally designed template for a polished look.
Design ChallengesCreating visually appealing invoices can be challenging.
CustomizationTailor invoices with your branding and client-specific details. Sign up to unlock feature
Limited CustomizationLimited options for personalizing invoices.
OrganizationEasily store and manage invoice records in one place. Sign up to unlock feature
Manual Record-KeepingRequires separate storage and tracking of invoices.
AutomationSchedule recurring invoices for ongoing projects or clients. Sign up to unlock feature
No AutomationRecurring invoices require manual creation and scheduling.
Payment IntegrationAutomate payments for faster payment processing. Sign up to unlock feature
Payment HasslesMust separately communicate payment details to clients.
Automate your freelance invoice creation with Xolo

Streamline your invoicing with the best tool to invoice clients as a freelancer

With Xolo you get...

  1. Instant invoice generator
  2. Automated VAT calculator
  3. Real-time business dashboard
  4. A slice of our company for legal invoicing
  5. Business bank account (IBAN)
Details to include on the invoice as a freelancer
  1. Header and company logo. Add you company logo by simply drag and drop for the professional impression
  2. Invoice number. Ensure each invoice has a unique number for tracking and compliance, use four or five-digit numbering system (e.g., 00001)
  3. Invoice dates. Set issue and payment due dates
  4. Contact details. Include full client and freelancer information (always include company names, addresses, and tax number)
  5. Breakdown of services. List services or products, quantities, and unit prices
  6. Applicable taxes. Follow VAT rules based on your location and client's location.
  7. Invoice payment method. Specify how clients can make payments, always include bank details
  8. Additional comments. (optional) Add relevant info for your customer
Free invoice generator for freelancers
Create freelance invoices for free with Xolo
Xolo is a perfect solution for...
  • Knowledge workers offering services as solopreneurs
  • Freelancers looking for a no-strings-attached way to invoice clients
  • Digital nomads looking for a remote-friendly invoicing solution
  • Entrepreneurs testing a new market or idea

Why freelancers
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Feel free to utilize the invoice generator at no cost, whether for personal or commercial purposes.

Xolo's invoice generator offers quick and efficient invoice creation, accuracy, professional templates. You can also unlock features like invoice customization, organization, automation, and seamless payment integration by signing up.

  • Fill in your company info, invoice date, and invoice number.
  • List billable work with descriptions and agreed rates.
  • Add taxes and calculate the total, specifying payment terms.
  • Download your PDF invoice and send it to your clients via email.

When you sign up for Xolo, you gain access to an instant invoice generator, an automated VAT calculator, a real-time business dashboard, and the option to use a slice of Xolo's company for legal invoicing. You can also open a business bank account with an IBAN.

You can easily add your company logo by dragging and dropping it onto the invoice.

Yes, you can tailor your invoices with your branding and client-specific details.

Include your company's header and logo, a unique invoice number, invoice dates, full client and freelancer information, a breakdown of services with quantities and unit prices, applicable taxes, invoice payment method, and any additional comments you want to provide to your customer.

Yes, in case you sign up to Xolo. Our Invoicing tool includes a recurring invoice feature that enables you to create recurring invoices sent automatically to your end clients.

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