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When will we file your quarterly taxes?

Última atualização: July 15, 2022

Here are the exact dates so that you can find out when your quarterly tax returns are filed with Hacienda:

  • First quarter (Q1): January, February, March. Submission: 1st to 20th April

  • Second quarter (Q2): April, May, June. Submission: 1st to 20th July

  • Third quarter (Q3): July, August, September. Submission: 1st to 20th October

  • Fourth quarter (Q4): October, November, December. Submission: 1st to 20th January 2023

If you have to pay, we will file your tax returns up to the 15th (inclusive) of each period.

If you receive a refund, the deadline for filing is the 20th of each period.

💡Remember that, if you have to pay, the Tax Authorities will charge the bank account you have selected on our platform on 20 April, July, October or 30 January 2023, depending on each quarter.

It is important that you have the necessary funds ready within this period, as Hacienda is very strict with deadlines and we want to avoid penalties for you at all costs.

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