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Can non-Italian residents use Xolo?

Last updated: May 22, 2024

Yes. To obtain a VAT number in Italy, you must declare an Italian address. In situations where you haven't established a permanent address yet, you can opt for a temporary one, even in a virtual setting, until you find a permanent residence.

However, to be considered a tax resident in Italy, you need to have an address in the country for more than 183 days in a year.
If you open an Italian VAT number but remain a resident in Italy for fewer than 183 days, you are still required to file a tax return in Italy, but only for income earned within Italy, not for income earned abroad.

If you do not reside in Italy you can also take a look at our global solutions Xolo Go and Xolo Leap.

Income is understood to have been produced in Italy, and is therefore subject to taxation by the Italian state - except as provided for in international conventions against double taxation - if it originated in Italian territory and derives from:

  • employee, self-employed, business activities, etc.
  • pensions and similar checks
  • real estate (land and buildings) located in Italy

Other types of income (such as, for example, those of companies) are also subject to taxation.

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