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How can I create an invoice?

Last updated: October 27, 2022

You'll first need to fill out your client's details by clicking ‘Add new customer.’ If you've already added a few customers, simply choose the correct one by selecting ‘Choose customer.’


Add a detailed description for the work provided on the invoice. The description should make it clear that the incoming payment is business related. Feel free to add the project/assignment/service name in addition to other relevant details. If necessary, use the 'additional comments' field to add extra details about the invoice. To issue an e-invoice check in the field Electronic invoicing, "Activate electronic invoicing for this customer". The recipient code is mandatory for e- invoicing, so if you don’t know it, please enter:

  • ‘0000000’ in the case of an invoice intended for a subject who receives via PEC and this has been indicated in the PEC Recipient field or for which the reception channel is not clear;

  • ‘XXXXXXX’ in the case of an invoice issued to a non-resident, not established, not identified in Italy, and sent to the ES in order to transmit the data of cross-border transactions.


At this point, save your customer's data, which will remain in the system, so you'll have them ready in case of sending several invoices to the same customer.

To create a new invoice you'll need to go in the invoice tab and click on New invoice, at this point the invoice compilation screen will open. Select from the two different drop-down menus the customer to send the invoice to and the account on which you wish to receive the relative payment.


At this point two lines will be displayed, one corresponding to your service, in which to enter the description, quantity and price of the service, and one corresponding to the INPS contribution (Rivalsa INPS). Although it is advisable to include it in all invoices, the INPS contribution is not mandatory, so if you want to manage this aspect independently, please send us an email request and we will eliminate it.

In the event that you decide to eliminate the automation of INPS contribution, but then want to add it to some invoices, you can always do it manually, by inserting a line and selecting the INPS contribution voice from the drop-down menu.

The ENPALS or Enasarco contributions are not displayed automatically, therefore in this case it is necessary to add a line, select one of the two items from the drop-down menu and enter the correct amount.

Once the invoice has been filled in, you can save it and it will be automatically sent to your customer's tax drawer as an electronic invoice. Remember this automatic submission and check that all data is correct before saving the invoice.

In the event that you have already saved the invoice and need to make changes, you can select the invoice in question and at the top right of the "Other Actions" drop-down menu, click on Request Change and notify us of the reason for the change.


Once you have received the payment, you can select the date of payment on the invoice, so as to always keep track of which invoices have been paid and which still have not. This will allow us to always have an accurate and updated picture and to easily manage your tax return.

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