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Xolo Leap

Run an e-Residency company

Launch and run a fully-remote EU business with Estonia’s e-Residency program and Xolo Leap combined.

€59 /month
  • Complete accounting services to get your business going
  • Business volume and activity limits apply
  • Up to 12 months and/or €4,000 revenue
€89 /month
  • Complete accounting services
  • Unlimited invoices & bank transactions
  • Integrations with LHV, Wise and Revolut
€129 /month
All Basic features, plus...
  • Add shareholders (private individuals) or board members
  • Integrations with Stripe and PayPal
From* €259 /month
All Pro features, plus…
  • Flexibility in supporting non-standard use cases
  • * Based on the complexity and volume of your business
All prices excluding VAT
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Online company registration (if needed)
Virtual Office: legal address, PO box & local contact
Shareholders (private people only) or board members
Legal entity (Estonian company) as a shareholder
External sources of funding the business operations (eg bank loans, convertible notes, grants)
Supported banks (integrated with Self Service)
LHV, Wise, Revolut, Payoneer, Wamo
LHV, Wise, Revolut, Payoneer, Wamo
Custom options
Custom options
Receive payments via payment gateways (integrated with Self Service)
Stripe, Paypal
Stripe, Paypal
Branded estimates & invoices
Recurring invoices
Mobile app
Creating sales invoices using external (non-Xolo) billing system
Sales activity supported through other platforms
Sell apps via Google Play & Apple App Store
Sell digital services via Amazon
Sell services via freelancing platforms (Upwork, Paddle)
Sell software and apps via Paddle
Monthly sales transactions
Max 5
Monthly bank transactions
Max 10
Expense document processing
Max 5 documents / mo
VAT collection & declaration
VAT OSS support for digital services
Pay yourself a salary & dividends
Pay salaries to employees (employees must be Estonian tax residents)
Hiring contractors
Company car possession in Estonia
Compensation payments for the use of a personal car
License fee payments to residents or non-residents
Fixed assets
Mandatory reporting to Statistics Estonia
Preparation & submission of Estonian annual reports
Corporate taxes filed in Estonia
Personalized customer service from a dedicated accountant
Investment activitites supported
Invest in stocks
Invest in crowdfunding
Invest in startups (less than 20% of the stake)
Invest in cryptocurrency
Give loans to legal entities (other than crowdfunding)
Real estate in Estonia
Priority services
Customer Support via phone call or Zoom (1 hour per month)
Customer Support tickets receive first priority
Quarterly business review meetings with an accountant (if needed)
Assistance finding tax, legal or business consultants for complex use cases
Flexibility in supporting non-standard use cases
Annual report submitted in priority order
Senior accountant (10+ years of experience) appointed to the company
Past-due annual report: We charge extra if all necessary documentation isn't provided by the deadline (30.06)
Non-obligatory annual report
Revisions to submitted reports (any report)
Customized services available upon request
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Xolo Go

Invoice without a company

A wonderfully simple way to legally invoice clients in 186 countries, without registering a company.

€0 /month

5.9% fee on payouts to personal bank account

  • Clients in 186 countries
  • VAT-compliant invoices in 7 currencies
  • Securely save client info for future use
  • Receive SEPA and card payments
  • Reimburse business expenses
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
Xolo Gestoría

Work as autónomo in Spain

A simple, online accounting and invoicing platform, backed by a team of local accountants (who really know their stuff), perfect for every freelancer’s needs.


This affordable plan is ideal for autónomos eager to handle their own accounting and reporting.

€15 /month + VAT
  • Freelance registration at a reduced cost
  • Invoices to customers internationally
  • Manage expense documents
  • Xolo online platform
  • Excellent technical support

Sending your first invoices? This plan is ideal for those who are just starting out as freelancers and need help figuring out Hacienda.

€45 /month + VAT
Everything included in the Lite plan plus:
  • FREE freelance registration,
    and need help figuring out Hacienda.
  • Invoices to customers in Spain
  • Xolo online platform
  • Quarterly and annual tax filing
  • Expert managers always at your side

If your business knows no borders, this is the plan for you. Specifically designed for freelancers with clients and suppliers outside Spain.

€55 /month + VAT
Everything included
in the Starter plan plus:
  • Invoices to clients in Spain and abroad
  • ROI registration and intra-community VAT number
  • Access to more currencies

For those who have been freelancing for some time. This plan helps you get even more out of your business and optimize your accounts.

€95 /month + VAT
Everything included
in the Global plan plus:
  • Recurring invoices
  • Priority attention (in less than 24 hours!)
  • Free consulting hours
  • Unlimited tax modifications
  • More exciting features coming soon!

All prices excluding VAT

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All-in-one online platform
Invoices in Spain
International invoices
Recurring invoices
Application for Intra-Community VAT registration (ROI)
Quarterly tax filing (Forms 303, 130, 111, 115 and 349 internationally)
If you register before the last 25th day of the quarter
If you register before the last 25th day of the quarter
If you register before the last 25th day of the quarter
Filing of annual taxes (Forms 180, 190, 390 and 347)
If you stay 6 months
If you stay 6 months
If you stay 3 months
Forms submission of impatriate regime (Beckham Law)
If you stay 3 months
Impatriate regime request (Beckham Law)
If you stay 3 months
Online counseling with expert accountants
Phone counseling with expert accountants (1 h / quarter)
Assured response in less than 24 h
Live support chat
Tax requirements
Those related to intra-community VAT (ROI).
Modifications in Hacienda (Forms 036 and 030)
1 modification
Management of appointments with Hacienda and Social Security.
Support with other procedures (Digital Certificate, aids, subsidies, Digital Nomad Visa...)
Coming soon!
Xolo Commercialista

Start & run your business in Italy

Tailored to Italian freelancers under the flat-rate scheme, and includes everything you need to build a successful business, while feeling safe and always in control with your admin.

Monthly subscription
€36 /month

Pay for our month-to-month service and enjoy all the flexibility you need!

Yearly subscription
€360 /year

Save €72 by paying in one lump sum and use our service for 12 months!

With both subscriptions:
  • Free VAT registration in just 1 day*
  • Dedicated tax consultant
  • Support & feedback within 24 hours
  • Unlimited and errorless invoice generation
  • Real-time platform accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Accurate tax estimation
  • Professional tax declaration
  • INTRASTAT declarations included
* €50€ if you cancel your monthly subscription within 6 months
** excluding fixed costs related to Chamber of Commerce for opening sole proprietorship (about €90)
All prices excluding VAT
Xolo Estonia

Run your Estonian business

Automated accounting, invoicing and expense management platform for Small and Medium size Estonian businesses. All-in-one solution to automate business administration, so you could focus on the work you love.

€9 /month
  • Invoicing solution
  • Annual report preparation and submission
  • Integrations with banks
  • Up to 10 bank transactions per month
  • No employees
  • No fixed assets
€59 /month
Everything in Lite plan plus:
  • Up to 25 bank transactions per month
  • Up to 1 employee
  • Max 5 fixed assets with amortization and depreciation
  • Monthly VAT, Income and Social Tax declarations
€99 /month
Everything in Basic plan plus:
  • Up to 75 bank transactions per month
  • Up to 5 employees
  • Max 10 fixed assets with amortization and depreciation
€159 /month
Everything in Standard plan plus:
  • Unlimited transactions per month
  • Up to 10 employees
  • Unlimited fixed assets with amortization and depreciation
All prices excluding VAT
Compare plans
Monthly accounting service with dedicated accountant
Invoice creation
Preparation and declaration of annual reports
Integration with Estonian banks
Online support via email
Number of transactions per month
Investment platforms
Investment in real estate
Investment in start-ups (up to 20% ownership)
VAT registration number
Declaration of VAT and social tax
Number of shareholders
Calculation of fixed asset depreciation and value
Data submission to the Statistical Office
VAT OSS reporting
Subsidiary companies allowed
Customer support via telephone and video calls

Questions? We answer them 👇

Yes! Our plans adapt to the possible changes in your business and your needs. You can change your rate before the 15th of each month.

No! We believe in the freedom and total independence of freelancers. Therefore, you are free to cancel your plan whenever you want.

However, depending on which one you choose, you will have to stay with Xolo for a certain number of months in order to have access to services such as free freelance registration or annual tax filings.

It's quite simple. If you wish to include any additional Xolo service or procedure in your plan, just send us a message!

Each service comes with its own pricing, and you can find a list of all of them here

Procedure or service
Included in the plans
Autónomo registration
50 € + VAT
Starter, Global and Premium
Annual tax filing (Forms 190, 111 and 347)
From 90 € + VAT
Starter, Global and Premium
Modifications in Hacienda (Forms 036 and 030)
30 € + VAT per Form and modification
Global and Premium
Tax requirements
120 € + VAT
Global (ROI) and Premium
Management of appointments with Hacienda, Social Security and for the NIE
15 € + VAT
Forms submission of impatriate regime (Beckham Law)
From 79 € + VAT
Impatriate regime request (Beckham Law)
From 120 € + VAT
Income Tax Return
From 59 €
Medical insurance for freelancers
From 39 € / month
Liability insurance for freelancers
From 125 € / year
Consultation with expert lawyers in the freelance world
39 € per 30 minutes video-consultation
Past tax filing
0 invoices: 55 € + VAT
Up to 10 invoices: 100 € +VAT
Up to 25 invoices: 140 € +VAT
Other Tax certificates
45 € + VAT
Autónomo de-registration
90 € + VAT
De-registration pack (Autónomo de-registration + Annual report)
149 € + VAT

Yes, you will. Xolo's rates are monthly so you can better organize your freelance budget. At the moment we do not have annual or quarterly billing options.

No, upgrading exclusively for quarterly declarations is not possible.
At Xolo, we value simplicity and efficiency in managing your business. Therefore, to provide you with the best service and a seamless experience, we have designed our plans (Starter, Global, Premium) comprehensively to cover all your business needs, including quarterly declarations. To access additional services such as managing quarterly declarations, you need to upgrade to a higher-tier plan (Starter, Global, Premium). Additionally, you must remain in the higher-tier plan for at least one full quarter before making any changes or downgrades to your subscription.

At Xolo, we understand that paperwork can be overwhelming. That's why we offer you the option to upgrade your plan to our Starter, Global, or Premium options, where our team will take care of the entire process for you. This way, you can focus on what matters!
To assist you with tax declarations, please send us an email to during the first two months of each fiscal quarter (January-February; April-May; July-August; October-November).
The new Service agreement and subscription plan upgrade to Starter, Global, or Premium must be completed within the following periods:

  • Between the 1st and 15th of March, June, and September (the last month of Q1, Q2, Q3).
  • Between the 1st and 5th of December (the last month of Q4).