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The perfect way to run a business

  • Everything you need in your online dashboard
  • Intuitive invoicing tool to help you get paid
  • Easy expense reporting
  • Accounting taken care of
  • And an app to help you do things on the go
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Built-in banking

Get access to our integrated banking when you sign up with Xolo Leap and get verified. You’ll be able to spend the money you earn on business-related purchases and track everything in your Xolo dashboard. Find out more from our Banking FAQs

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A fair price

  • Starting from €69 per month
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Is it for you?

  • You can run a one person business offering professional or digital services
  • You'll need to become an Estonian e-resident - find out how
  • You can't have multiple shareholders, and we can't currently support these business types
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Complete professional freedom

  • Fully online registration
  • Run your business from anywhere with wifi
  • Sign important documents digitally in seconds
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I love having a dashboard for virtually every administrative aspect of my company: expenses, revenue, contracts, clients, invoices, bank accounts – it’s all there.
Moritz Bierling
Moritz Bierling
Existential Ventures

What you get with Leap

Xolo Leap App

Download our app from the Apple app store or Google Play, access your account and upload receipts on the go.

Build your brand

With your company's name and logo on all your invoices, you can build trust and credibility with your customers.

Automated accounting

Taxes and annual reports done for you - we'll notify you if there's anything to pay.

Choose your banking

Get a local business account with LHV or work in multiple currencies with TransferWise - we're fully integrated with them both.

Don't waste money

Track your company expenses and report everything correctly with help from our accounting team. Don't spend your own money when it's a company cost.

Get paid easily

Let your customers choose how they want to pay you - we're connected to PayPal, Paddle, and Stripe.

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Starting from €69 / month

Frequently asked questions, answered

Yes, you can watch our walkthrough video about Xolo Leap in our FAQs. and you can request one by emailing us at hello@xolo.io.

You're the owner and single board member of your company, so you have responsibility for your company's operations. You can pay yourself a salary or dividends, and you need to report your earnings and pay social taxes in your country of residence.

We'll assist you with company incorporation, business accounting and banking, keeping on top of taxes, staying compliant, and even liquidation if it's ever required.

If you own and run an Estonian company while operating outside Estonia and not being a tax resident in Estonia, there are 2 main options for receiving funds from your company:

  • receive salary
  • receive dividends

There’s no obligation to pay any salary or take dividends, if you are the sole shareholder and employee of your company. It’s reasonable to argue that when a business is still in its infancy, the company can’t afford to pay out anything. So you can start operating your company without receiving any salary. Similarly, you do not have to pay out any dividends even if you could.

You have the following combinations available:

  • keep all the money in the company and reinvest to boost your business or
  • receive salary only (no min nor max sum) or
  • receive salary + dividends

If your company has no revenue coming in, and no activity taking place, you can consider hibernating your company for a while to consider your next steps. This lowers your fee to €29 a month until you want to get started again. As soon as your company starts making revenue, or you're actively using it, your fee will return to the normal monthly price. Hibernation can only be considered once you are over €1000 in revenue, and it is treated on a case-by-case basis, so is not guaranteed.