Your paperless EU company

With Xolo Leap, you can found a company and build it from the ground up. Become an Estonian e-resident, and start doing business in Europe and all over the world.

Take the Leap
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Own your own business

  • Run your EU business from anywhere in the world
  • Our dedicated customer team will get you started
  • Spend more time growing your business

Supercharge your business

  • Run your business 10x faster
  • Save up to 15 hours per month
  • Spend only 1 hour per month on business admin
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Flexible income & fixed payments

  • Pay yourself a salary or dividends
  • Annual reports are written for you
  • €49 per month up to €1 000 revenue, then €79 per month

Go paperless

  • Fully online business registration
  • Digital signature approval for everything important
  • Everything digitized for you
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What you get with Leap

Xolo account

See how your business is performing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Own an EU company in Estonia

As an e-resident, you're in complete control of your company and your future.

Automated accounting

Taxes and annual reports done for you - we'll notify you if there's anything to pay.

Integrated banking

See and manage your company's money live. And coming soon, pay in person with your Xolo MasterCard®.

Pay yourself

Earn income the way you want, through salary or dividends.

Sell smoothly and get paid easily

Sell through marketplaces like Upwork, Apple App store and Google Play, and give customers the option of paying you via PayPal or Paddle.

Start your company
online today

starting from €49 / month
€79 / month after €1,000 revenue

Frequently asked questions, answered

We don't offer a trial, but a video of our new product is coming very soon!

You're the owner and single board member of your company, so you have responsibility for your company's operations. You can pay yourself a salary or dividends, and you need to report your earnings and pay social taxes in your country of residence. Unfortunately, we can't help you with that yet.

If your company has no revenue coming in, and no activity taking place, you can consider hibernating your company for a while to consider your next steps. This lowers your fee to €29 a month until you want to get started again. As soon as your company starts making revenue, or you're actively using it, your fee will return to the normal monthly price.