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What's the difference of how Xolo handles VAT in Go & Leap

Last updated: August 31, 2023

If you operate via Xolo Go account, then all the related taxes are calculated and charged from your account (or returned to your account) automatically by us, right whenever they occur. For instance, if you sell your services to another Estonian company or a consumer in the EU and collect VAT (value added tax) on top of the net price, such VAT is deducted from the payment you receive from the customer, and we'll transfer it to the tax authorities ourselves i.e. you do not have to do anything on your side.

If you operate via your own company (OÜ), we monitor and record the transactions, based on which we compile and submit the required tax reports to the tax authorities ourselves, by the right time. If a tax obligation occurs, we inform you about the details (how much, to which account and by which date to pay) in advance, and it's your own task to execute the actual tax payment (based on our instructions) i.e. we cannot make payments from your company's account ourselves. The tax reporting occurs twice per month in Estonia (different tax reports), but it is crucial to note that the actual taxes to be paid depend on your company's actual business transactions and if it's a normal case if there are no taxes to pay in a certain month.

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