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Why start your EU
business in Estonia?

Since 2014, solopreneurs across the globe have used Estonia's e-Residency program to gain access to the EU market. World-class digital infrastructure makes it possible to run a company that's 100% remote. And an attractive corporate tax rate makes this tiny Baltic country fertile ground for entrepreneurship.

But there's a catch.

To register your company, you need an official address in Estonia. And unless you're a resident, you're required by law to have a local contact.

And this contact can't be some friendly local you meet in a bar. You'll need someone with the knowledge and authority to help you navigate local compliance, accounting, and taxes.

That's where Xolo Leap comes in.

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Connect payment gateways, add shareholders
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€89 /month
€129 /month
€199 /month
Online company registration (if needed)
Virtual Office: legal address, PO box & local contact
Shareholders (private people only) or board members
Guaranteed compliance with Estonian regulations
Supported banks (integrated with Self Service)
LHV, Wise, Revolut
Custom options
Custom options
Receive payments via payment gateways (integrated with Self Service)
Stripe, Paypal
Stripe, Paypal
Branded invoices
Mobile app
Sales activity supported through other platforms
Sell apps via Google Play & Apple App Store
Sell digital services via Amazon
Sell services via freelancing platforms (Upwork, Paddle)
Sell software and apps via Paddle
Investment activitites supported
Invest in stocks
Invest in crowdfunding
Invest in startups (less than 20% of the stake)
Monthly bank transactions
Expense document processing
VAT collection & declaration
VAT OSS support for digital services
Pay yourself a salary & dividends
Pay salaries to employees (employees must be Estonian tax residents)
Mandatory reporting to Statistics Estonia
Preparation & submission of Estonian annual reports
Corporate taxes filed in Estonia
Personalized customer service from a dedicated accountant
Priority services
Customer Support via phone call or Zoom (1 hour per month)
Customer Support tickets receive first priority
Quarterly business review meetings with an accountant (if needed)
Assistance finding tax, legal or business consultants for complex use cases
Flexibility in supporting non standard use cases
Annual report submitted in priority order
Additional services are free of charge
Senior accountant (10+ years of experience) appointed to the company
Revisions to submitted reports (any report)
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Business formation
without the frustration

Starting a business is stressful, especially when it's in a foreign country. But not with Xolo Leap! We'll handle all the hard parts of establishing your fully-remote EU business-of-one. That means scaling mountains of paperwork and cutting through bureaucratic red tape to get your brand new OÜ officially up and running. It'll make you wonder why more aspects of life can't be this simple?

Invoices Invoices Projects Customers Customer Amount Status Yoga Namasté €399,00 Paid Expenses Expenses Documents Description Amount Status Flight tickets €156,50 Approved Expense reimbursed! VAT successfully calculated!

Automate business boring

Our easy-to-use tools will have you spending 10x less time on client-facing admin. Create, send, and track invoices in a click with automated VAT calculation. With our easy-to-navigate platform, you can quickly complete administrative to-dos like deducting business expenses. And our real-time business dashboard provides a birds-eye view of your business so you can be instantly in-the-know.

Income invoiced €12,161 50 jan feb apr may jun jul Check it out! Hi Solo, Xolo To: Your quarterly tax report is ready Payment received from Yoga Namasté Link your Stripe account

Bye to tax time terrors

Consider Xolo Leap your bureaucracy buffer on the government side. No more time wasted trying to get the right form signed by an unfriendly government worker. No more sleepless nights stressing over tax deadlines. Now that your business is officially in business, you have a team of local compliance and accounting experts to help you run it. We handle everything from accounting and bookkeeping to compiling and submitting your company's monthly/quarterly tax reports.

Supercharge your bottom line

We've teamed up with the most respected players in the industry to bring you the integrations you need to run a borderless business.

* access to payment gateways may be restricted in some locations

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Your 3 step launch plan

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Get registered

Once you've picked your perfect plan, it's time to speed through the registration process. We'll ask you a few simple questions about you and your business.

Get e-Residency

e-Residency is the key to unlocking the many benefits of an Estonian company. The process is surprisingly simple and takes approximately 3-4 weeks. Already a card-carrying e-Resident? We'll have your company set up in 2-3 days!

Get to work

You’re in business! Log into your secure business dashboard from anywhere in the world so you can see for yourself how much easier it is to do business with Xolo Leap!


Got questions? We've got answers!
Here are a few of our most popular ones to get you started:

We can't yet support businesses that fall under any of the following categories:

  • Buying and selling of physical goods (including drop-shipping and Amazon FBA)
  • Activities that require a license: financial services, travel agencies, gambling, etc.
  • Companies in the cryptocurrency space
  • Ventures currently raising funding through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Yes, you must be an Estonian e-Resident to use Xolo Leap.

Read our step by step guide to applying for e-Residency

Depends on whether you're already an e-Resident or not. Already an e-Resident? Then no, you don't need to go anywhere.

Not (yet)an e-Resident? Then yes, you'll need to travel. Once your application is approved you'll have 6 months to collect your kit from an official pick-up location.

Find your nearest pickup location on the official e-Residency website

If you decide to use integrated banking through our partners at LHV Bank, we'll take care of all the setup. But you'll need to fly to Tallinn (just the one time) to verify your identity.

  • State fee for e-Residency: €120 + travel costs to collect your e-resident ID-card at your selected location
  • State fee for company registration in Estonia: €265 (paid via Xolo Leap)
  • State service fee for company online registration in Estonian Business Registry: €25 + VAT (paid via Xolo Leap)

Grand total for company set up: €410 + VAT

If you've already an e-Resident, registering your company will take about 24 hours. But if you're not an e-Resident yet, it usually takes 3-4 weeks.

Let's talk banking. If you're planning to use a Wise account, it takes 1-5 business days for them to process your application. But once your account is opened you can start doing business immediately.

If you'd like to do your banking through LHV, it'll take us 10-14 days to prep the necessary documents and get you pre-approved. Once LHV gives us the go-ahead, you can book a day trip to Tallinn to verify your identity in-person.

The easiest option is to use a Wise multi-currency account.

The best option is to integrate your Leap subscription with an LHV business bank account. We've nurtured a close partnership with LHV over the years and it's paid off (pun intended). We can confidently say you and your business (banking) will be in excellent hands.

See a full breakdown of differences between LHV and Wise

Leap Pro and Growth price plans support PayPal (for receiving and sending payments) and Stripe (for receiving payments).

Learn more about payment gateways

  • Company registration
  • Annual reporting
  • Dividend payouts tax reporting (TSD)
  • Application and registration of your VAT number
  • Monthly VAT reporting (OSS exclusively for digital sales)
  • Forwarding official mail sent by various state authorities
  • Submission of reports to Statistics Estonia
  • Notifications of tax or other relevant law changes with instructions, if necessary

Invoice like a company in
10 minutes or less

No company? No problem! Xolo Go is for global freelancers looking for a fast, easy way to legally invoice their clients in the EU, USA and Canada. We charge a flat fee of 5% on payouts to your personal bank account so we only get paid when you get paid!