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What is Xolo Go?

Last updated: November 18, 2019

Xolo Go virtual company enables to provide professional services to business (B2B) customers in the EU with standard agreements and a business account with VAT enabled invoicing & payments. All provided by Xolo Go.

If you are (or want to become) a Xolopreneur:

Xolo Go account enables you to use the features a registered company without owning the company yourself. With the Xolo Go account you can propose and agree on services delivered, invoice (with VAT) and receive business income. The Xolopreneur can withdraw the business income from the Xolo Go business account to your personal business account.

If you are a EU company using independent professionals who supply services to you:

Xolo Go enables you use services provided by independent professionals around the world with proper agreements and VAT enabled invoicing. You can recommend independent professionals to use Xolo Go for offering and agreeing on the services provided, receiving VAT invoices and paying for supplied services.

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