Do I get my own company with Xolo Go?

Last updated: December 08, 2020

Xolo Go is based around the legal concept of a partnership between yourself as an individual freelancer, and Xolo Go OÜ; Xolo Go 2 OÜ or Xolo Go 3 OÜ, all are Estonian limited liability companies that belong to Xolo.

This means that using Xolo Go does not provide you with a company or legal entity that you have direct control over and are a shareholder of.

Thus, you cannot use Xolo Go for getting a business address, nor can you state Xolo Go as a legal entity on your website, privacy policy or similar. You are also unable to apply for any third-party services in the name of the Xolo Go partnership.

If you want to register your own company that you have direct control over, then Xolo Leap would be more suitable for you.

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