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Send project to customer for approval

Last updated: August 31, 2023

Once you have created a new project and saved it, you will be prompted to send the project offer to the customer for review and approval

Prepare the project for sending

  • By pressing "Submit for review", a draft email will appear which is addressed to the contact person of the customer.
  • Feel free to edit the Subject and Message.
  • You have the option of sending a copy of this e-mail also to yourself.

Submit the project for review

  • By pressing "Send" you will submit the project.
  • Xolo reviews all projects to ensure everything is correct and that we meet the necessary compliance standards.
  • Note: Before the customer has approved the project you can always "call it back" into draft mode, edit and submit the project again.

Customer receives project

  • Once approved by Xolo, your project will be forwarded to the customer for approval.
  • The customer's contact person will receive your e-mail and the link to review the project.

Customer reviews and approves the project

  • The customer reviews and confirms that they are authorized to enter into the agreement on behalf of their company.
  • The customer accepts the Service Contract which is their agreement with Xolo's terms and conditions.
  • After the customer has approved the project, the Project becomes a formalized agreement.

Now is the time to get started on that project for your customer and issue an invoice when needed!

Click here about the next step to "Send Invoice".

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