Which costs am I allowed to claim as business expenses?

Last updated: December 17, 2020

Estonian companies can deduct all costs from purchases directly related to the company’s actual business operations, such as:

  • Expenses covered by your customers

  • Fees of subcontractors

  • Professional and support services

  • Marketing costs

  • Hardware and software (restrictions might apply)

  • Communication costs (not mobile phone bills)

  • Business trips (only transportation and accommodation costs allowed)

  • COVID-19 tests (only for business trips)

  • Participation in business-related events

  • Business-related professional training

  • Bank and transaction fees

  • Office costs and supplies (restrictions apply)

  • Business lunches & gifts (taxable)

  • Salary (taxable)

  • Relevant taxes (salary taxes, dividend taxes, fringe benefits etc.)

If you’re uncertain whether an expense qualifies as a business expense, make sure to ask us via support@xolo.io beforehand.

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