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What's included in Xolo Leap service?

Last updated: December 11, 2020

Xolo Leap provides all the features you need to start and run your own business online. Once your company has been set up, we'll take care of the support functions of your business, leaving you free to focus on the core aspects of your business.

Xolo executes numerous tasks to bring your business admin to a minimum, such as:

  • guiding you through the company registration process

  • assisting to set up a business bank account

  • providing you with a legal address in Estonia (a requirement of law)

  • providing you with a contact person in Estonia (a requirement of law)

  • providing accounting service to your company

  • compiling and submitting the company's annual report (a requirement of law)

  • submitting declarations to Estonian Tax Authorities on behalf of your company (a requirement of law)

  • executing compliance activities on behalf of your company

  • submitting official statistics reports on behalf of your company (a requirement of law)

  • incoming mail management (both physical and electronic mail)

If you're on our Growth price plan, you'll additionally get to benefit from:

  • having a personal accountant

  • receiving company's financial status reports quarterly - this will help you to plan the company's future and manage the finances

  • fixed assets- buying expensive equipment to perform the work for your company will not be just a cost for your company. Assets will be held in the balance sheet with their actual value.

  • zoom meeting or a phone call - on a monthly basis, your personal accountant will be available for a one hour call

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