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How can I unlock my ID card PIN codes?

Last updated: August 29, 2023

If you enter an incorrect ID card PIN three times, the use of your authentication or signature certificate will be blocked. It will no longer be possible to identify yourself digitally using the ID card. The blocking can be revoked with your PUK code, and unblocking PIN1 or PIN2 is essentially the same process.

If your PINs are blocked, open the ID-card Utility program and you’ll see a message about your blocked status, together with the details of the blocked certificate. Click ‘Revoke blocking’ and follow the instructions on the screen:

  • The revocation window will open

  • Enter your PUK code

  • Enter your chosen new PIN code twice - PIN codes must only include numbers, PIN1 must be 4-12 digits long, and PIN2 must be 5-12 digits

  • If everything is successful, a corresponding message will be displayed (If not - follow instructions in error messages until the code change is successful)

Please let us know if you're unable to unlock your PIN codes.

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