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In the event of a funding round, would you be able to help with the paperwork?

Last updated: January 18, 2024

Xolo can help you find a trusted legal partner in Estonia. However, it's not currently part of our services.

We don't support any alternative crowdfunding or external financing initiatives by our customers, except from the single shareholder (share capital or a loan). Such needs are exceptional ones among our existing/target customers and would require a custom solution, going beyond our standardised approach. For instance, as long as you run your company alone, all corporate governance issues (voting rights, decision making policies etc.) are irrelevant. However, once you include additional shareholders, these issues start to matter, and the standard Articles of Association needs to be adjusted to reflect the agreements between the shareholders.

Ultimately, Xolo doesn't support crowdfunding campaigns for the time being. We suggest you look for alternative service providers who feel comfortable with a custom need and would be willing to support you in this.

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