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What can I do in Xolo Leap self service?

Last updated: December 07, 2023

In Xolo Leap self service, you’ll find features such as creating invoices, uploading expense documents, and reporting business trips. These features are there partly to make running your business easy for you, but they’re also important for us, the Xolo team.

The information you upload (or don’t upload) is directly tied to your company’s accounting. For example, if you don’t upload all your company’s expense documents, we won’t be able to file your taxes for you. Not filing your taxes can lead to penalties from the Estonian tax authorities.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you submit all your financial data to us via your Xolo Leap self-service in a timely manner. Xolo has promised to take care of your taxes and compliance, but we can only do this if you do your part as well - uploading expense documents regularly, creating invoices through our platform and managing your travels through the business trips feature.

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