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How can I register in the ROI?

Last updated: July 16, 2024

By filling Model 036 I’ll be registered in this census as an intra community operator. Once the application has been submitted to Hacienda using this form, Hacienda will be in charge of resolving the application favorably or unfavorably. The Administration has up to three months to resolve it. If after these three months you cannot see your registration in the census and Hacienda has not answered you, it will be considered rejected.

Obtaining the VAT number as a self-employed person

In case your application is favorable, Hacienda will assign you a NIF-IVA (it will be your DNI/NIE with the letters ES in front) that you will have to inform to your intracommunity suppliers or to inform in your issued invoices when your client is intra-community.

Briefly, the VAT, NIF VAT number, or NIF-IVA, as it is commonly known, will be your identification number in any type of intra-community operation. Your tax identification number when working within the EU.

Occasionally, Hacienda may require additional information before designating you as an intra-community operator.

Should you receive a notification regarding this matter, you'll have up to 10 days to respond and provide the requested details.

Keep in mind that we're here to assist you every step of the way. Simply forward the notification to, and your accountant will be ready to help.

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