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Create a new project draft

Dernière mise à jour: May 21, 2022

Before you send the project to the customer for review and approval you can create a draft of your project.

To create a new project draft click "New Project"

  • Select a Customer
    Choose an existing customer or Add a new customer

  • Describe the service delivered
    Add a description so that your customer knows what is the service provided by you

  • Set the dates
    Start date - The date the service started
    End date - The date the service end

  • Set quantity and pricing
    Choose how billing works from the options: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Per Piece.

  • Save the draft

Your project draft is now saved and it is ready to "Send the project to the customer" .

Please note that the initial project that you send to your customer and the eventual invoice do not have to be identical and you are able to adjust the billing when you send out the invoice.

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