Every service and procedure a freelancer could desire

Besides our all-in-one solution for your invoices, expenses and taxes, we offer additional services for every freelancer need.

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How to sign up for Xolo's extra services


Register on Xolo

Create your Xolo account to access the extra services and procedures from this page. Don't worry! We won't ask you for a credit card until you have chosen what you need.


Subscribe to one of our plans

In order to sign up for an extra Xolo service, you need to have an active plan. Choose between Starter, Global or Premium options according to your needs (note that many extra services are already included in them).


Our team will contact you

Done! One of our industry experts will contact you for any necessary info, and help guide you through the process.

Additional services available for freelancers

Medical insurance

Coverage specially designed for freelancers, so your health will always be protected.

From €39/month

Provided by Catalana Occidente

Civil liability insurance

Protect your freelance business completely. With this insurance you will have someone to turn to if there is any problem or unforeseen event with your activity.

From €125/year

Provided by Catalana Occidente

Application for the impatriate regime

If you need expert advice for the impatriate regime, you can count on expert managers.

From €120 + VAT

Other procedures with Hacienda and Social Security