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Add your expenses to our platform in a couple of clicks and a Xolo manager will help you optimize them.

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A tailor-made expense management program

Every freelancer is different. Same as their finances. That's why at Xolo we help you control your expenses according to your needs and those of your business. Keep your accounts up to date to avoid surprises with Hacienda and survive among so many deductible expenses. Our expert accountants will advise you to get the most out of your freelance activity.

Optimize your finances with Xolo software

Types of deductible expenses

  • 🍽 Meals with clients.
  • ⛽️ Gas and your vehicle expenses.
  • 📱 Hardware and all your depreciable assets.
  • 🛋 Furniture and other fixed assets.
  • 🩺 Your Social Security quotas, your health insurance and your payments to your professional association.
  • 💡 Supplies and rent for your home.
  • 💰 Other professional expenses.
  • 🚅 Transportation.
  • 🍜 Your own per diem.

Your savings are in safe hands

Our team of expert accountants will take care of everything, from checking if your expenses are deductible, to staying in close touch with you should any needs arise. If not, our team will automatically add each deductible to your return.

All the guys are very friendly and quite approachable as they have answered to every enquiry I have had quite fast and with great accurancy. On top of everything, they can help in English which for me is extremely handy considering I live in a non english speaking country.

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Advantages of using the Xolo expense management program

Save up to €4.000 per year by deducting your expenses with Xolo

Start optimizing your finances. Manage your expenses on our platform and make them pay off with the help of Xolo expert managers.

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Optimize your expenses in 3 easy steps


Create your profile in Xolo and explain to us the details of your case. This way we will know if we are a match.


Choose your plan: Starter, Global or Premium. Each freelancer has one designed for them.


Look for the invoice or ticket. You are now ready to start adding your freelance expenses.