Starting out as a solo in Spain? All you need is Xolo

We'll register you as an autónomo with Hacienda and Social Security. Completely online and completely free. And you get free advice so that everything is crystal clear before you get started!

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Avoid a toxic relationship with Hacienda

Hacienda is so notoriously full of red tape that locals will do just about anything to avoid dealing with them. At Xolo we help get you started on the right foot. Let us guide you during your autónomo registration, we will register you in the IAE that best corresponds to your professional activity. This way you will avoid errors and penalties from the tax authorities.

No extra costs

Yes, you read right. Xolo will register you as an autónomo completely free! While other accountants charge you more than 100? for the process, we don't want it to cost you a single euro, that's why it's included in your monthly subscription. With all that you save you'll finally buy avocados without remorse.

Super simple

Don't waste any more time trying to figure out what you have to do or reading long, boring articles on the Internet. We take care of your autónomo registration without you lifting a finger - you won't have to fill in any official forms, we'll do it all for you. With Xolo, registering as a freelancer is easier than solving a one-colour rubik's cube.

Quick and convenient

We'll register you as an autónomo online, on the same day (if you want to start right away) or on the date you specify. All we need is your NIE and 5 minutes of your time. Forget about scheduling appointments and unnecessary trips to Hacienda or Social Security offices. You have better things to do, like enjoying the Spanish sunshine!

Compliant and reliable

We are part of the network of PAEs of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, which allows us to process registrations with both the Hacienda and Social Security immediately. We also have an army of local accountants who live and breathe the Spanish taxation framework and the intricacies of accounting for autónomos. With Xolo you can forget the hassle, everything will be under control.

Supercharge your bottom line

We are members of the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors and Tax Managers. We have collaboration agreements with Agencia Tributaria and other regional, state and local administrations.

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Wanna start freelancing in Spain? Xolo makes it easy

Log into your secure business dashboard from anywhere so you can see for yourself how much easier it is to operate as a freelancer in Spain when you have Xolo working for you!

Included with the monthly subscription

  • Registration with Hacienda (forms 036/037)
  • Registration with Social Security
  • Expert advice
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With Xolo's
monthly subscription?

Create error-free invoices

  • No more hassle with VAT or income tax, they're automatically calculated!
  • Send invoices to your clients in one click
  • Customise your invoices with our templates
  • Automatically track your payments
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Upload your business expenses easily

  • You can have your expenses sent directly to our platform
  • Everything in one place, so you don't miss a thing!
  • We advise you and tell you which expenses are deductible so you pay less taxes!
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We'll do your taxes!

  • No more hassle at the end of the quarter, your personal gestor (accountant) will take care of filing all your tax reports for you.
  • Easily check your taxes so you can calculate your upcoming tax bill (pay or return)

Why a digital accountant?

If your bank is digital, why shouldn't your accountants be?

It's faster and more efficient

While traditional agencies do processes manually, at Xolo we speed up and facilitate procedures thanks to our technology. We don't waste time or make mistakes when filling in forms. And we won't misplace your tax report, don't worry.

It's cheaper

Automation allows us to reduce costs and that's why Xolo is cheaper than any traditional accountant (we are the cheapest, literally). Because we know that when you're a freelancer every cost counts.

We know what we're doing

Xolo is trustworthy. You can trust us just like you trust a traditional gestor. You will have your own gestor who specializes in freelancers to guide you at all times. We have an agreement with the Spanish Tax Agency and other local authorities. With Xolo everything is under control, so you can relax on the playa.

Personalised advice

As soon as you start, we'll assign you your own accountant. Our English-fluent experts will answer any questions you have about becoming a freelancer in Spain quickly ( email, chat or phone). Don't worry about anything getting lost in translation. If something should go wrong, we've got your back.

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Got questions?

We've got answers! Here's a few to get you started:

Xolo is a fully-integrated digital solution which brings together all the features needed to set up and run your freelance business in Spain.

Xolo provides you with:

  • Online registration with local authorities in Spain
  • An easy invoicing tool to issue and send professional sales invoices to business (B2B) and private (B2C) customers in Spain and abroad
  • An expense management feature for filing business expenses
  • Business accounting and tax reporting through a team of specialised local professionals
  • Support in English at any time from our team of tax and accounting experts
  • We'll take care of all compulsory bookkeeping for freelancers.

If you would like to run your business with Xolo, you will need to provide us with the following:

  • Personal details and a brief description of your prospective business activity
  • A valid ID or passport for identification purposes and to confirm you are at least 18 years of age
  • Details of your Spanish bank account, which will be used for business purposes
  • if you are already registered with Hacienda, please provide registration documentation

We reserve the right to ask for additional documentation about you (e.g. proof of residency) or your business transactions if needed.

To get started, go ahead and sign up and we'll walk you through the whole process. Don't worry, it's much easier than you think!

To use Xolo as a resident of Spain, you'll need to register yourself as a professional with the Spanish Treasury (Hacienda) and Spanish Social Security.

Xolo will assist you with the registration process.

There are two different processes that will allow you to legally work as a freelancer in Spain.

The first step of the registration is mandatory for anyone that starts freelancing in Spain and wants to generate (legal) invoices. This is completed via the Spanish Treasury (Hacienda) and it is free of charge. Please note that once you're registered, you'll be obligated to report taxes to the Spanish tax authorities (AEAT).

autónomo registration with Social Security is an additional step and mandatory depending on your individual professional situation (type of activity, volume and frequency of invoicing, etc.). This procedure is also free, but you'll need to start paying the monthly fee (otherwise known as "cuota de autónomos").

If you have not been registered with the local authorities yet, the process of registering as a professional starts once you have submitted a short summary of your business and personal details during the Xolo onboarding process and indicated that you would like to register with the local authorities. The first step is to register with the Spanish Treasury (Hacienda). The registration process takes 1-2 days and you'll receive confirmation from Xolo once the process has been completed.

When it's necessary for you to register yourself as an autónomo with Social Security, Xolo will notify you directly and walk you through the registration process.

Let's make a splash!

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