Another year: online income tax return for freelancers

File it with Xolo and one of our expert accountants will make sure to optimize your result. It’s time to lose your fear of Renta with Xolo

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La Renta online with Xolo

We are ready to optimize the result of your Renta. We have an expert team in taxation, always up to date with the latest news. Our Renta service is tailor-made: we analyze and work on each case separately. Single payment from €59 + VAT

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Modelo 100

Form 100: the Renta form

We help you to prepare the Form 100. If you manage your freelance activity with Xolo, we will only have to export the information. But if not, we will help you to collect all the necessary information so that absolutely nothing escapes us.

Reviewed by an expert

Each return is analyzed, managed and submitted by one of our expert accountants. You are in good hands. They don't miss a thing.

All deductions

We apply all the deductions that correspond to you as a freelancer. Even the ones you don't know yet. We review each case and its characteristics.

Which freelancers have to file income tax returns

Do you want to know if you have to file the Renta as a freelancer? It's easy: there are only two criteria you have to take into account. But don't worry, with our guide to filling your income tax return, you don't have to be afraid of anything.


All self-employed workers (even if you earn €0) are required to present this form.


If besides being registered as autónomo, you are also an employee, it is your turn to file the Renta. All workers with two or more payers are obliged to do so.

Filing the tax return on your own vs with Xolo

There are many advantages to filing your freelance income tax return online with Xolo:

With Xolo

  • You only need your ID or Passport.
  • Process managed by Xolo.
  • Expert managers behind every step.
  • All necessary income and expenses.
  • All deductions secured.
  • 100% online.
  • Personalized support.

Without Xolo

  • Digital Certificate, Clave PIN or reference number required.
  • Individual responsibility during the whole process.
  • Not very intuitive Hacienda website.
  • High probability of not entering necessary income and expenses.
  • No guarantee of applying all deductions.
  • Possible trips to the offices for a face-to-face appointment.

Over 600 returns filed last year alone

Sign up to Xolo, choose the plan that suits you best, and we will help you with your income tax return. Leave it to Xolo and be in great hands this year.

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Your Renta in 3 easy steps


Create your profile in Xolo and explain to us the details of your case. This way we will know if we are a match.


Choose your plan: Starter, Global or Premium. Each freelancer has one designed for them.


Hacienda: here we go. We will contact you if we need information about your activity.