A price to fit your freelance business

We know that when you're a freelancer, every cost counts. This is the price of your accountant in 2022.

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Monthly subscription

Prices excl. VAT
Autónomo registration | 39€ free
  • Autónomo registration with the Hacienda and Social Security included. It takes 5 minutes and you only need your NIE.
  • Your own personal accountant for everything you need
  • All your quarterly and annual tax reporting
  • Unlimited consultations by email, chat or telephone
  • All accounting records automated
  • Changes or procedures with Hacienda at no extra cost (new IAE registration, 036 modification)
  • Unlimited access to our online platform
  • Create and send errorless invoices, VAT and income tax automatically calculated according to your activity
  • Upload and manage your expenses effortlessly for deduction and pay less taxes
  • Automatically track payments and receipts via secure connection to your bank account
  • All your data saved to a secure environment in the cloud
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Traditional accountant
Prices excl. VAT
Autónomo registration | 80€
  • Autonomo registration not included, you will have to fill in PDFs and share your digital certificate
  • No personal accountant
  • Only includes Modelo 130, 303 and 390. Extra cost for additional forms.
  • Consultations with hourly cost. No chat available
  • Maintenance of accounting records is your job
  • Extra cost for changes or formalities with Hacienda (new IAE registration, 036 modification)
  • No online platform
  • You're responsible for creating your own invoices and calculate the VAT and income tax
  • You are responsible for sending all sales and expense invoices via email at the end of the quarter
  • You are responsible for tracking your own invoice collection and reporting it to an accountant
  • All your data will be unprotected on the accountant's computer

Xolo Add-ons

One-off payments, additional services not included in your monthly subscription.
Pay only for what you need.

Autónomo cancellation

Are you going to stop freelancing? We will process your cancellation with the Tax authorities and Social Security so you can just move on!

59€Prices excl. VAT
Annual tax reports for ex-Xolos

Were you subscribed to Xolo, but not anymore because you have cancelled your autónomo status? We take care of your annual tax reports for the following year. In 2023 you will have to file your previous year's tax report even if you deregistered in January 2022.

69€Prices excl. VAT
Save 25%
Autónomo cancellation pack
Autónomo cancellation + annual tax reports

Includes cancellation with the Tax authorities & Social Security and annual tax reports for the following year. Ideal if you plan to stop freelancing and don't want the administrative burden and fear of getting it wrong.

128€99€Prices excl. VAT
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FREE autónomo registration

Hacienda and Social Security registration included (price without promotion 39€)

Welcome price: save 58€

Subscribe now and don’t pay a thing on your 2 first Xolo subscription fees

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