A price to fit your freelance business

We know that when you're a freelancer, every cost counts. This is the price of your accountant in 2022.

Autónomo registration | 39€ free
Prices excl. VAT
  • Autónomo registration with the Hacienda and Social Security included. It takes 5 minutes and you only need your NIE.
  • Your own personal accountant for everything you need
  • All your quarterly and annual tax reporting
  • Unlimited consultations by email, chat or telephone
  • All accounting records automated
  • Changes or procedures with Hacienda at no extra cost (new IAE registration, 036 modification)
  • Unlimited access to our online platform
  • Create and send errorless invoices, VAT and income tax automatically calculated according to your activity
  • Upload and manage your expenses effortlessly for deduction and pay less taxes
  • Automatically track payments and receipts via secure connection to your bank account
  • All your data saved to a secure environment in the cloud
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Traditional accountant
Autónomo registration | 80€
Prices excl. VAT
  • Autonomo registration not included, you will have to fill in PDFs and share your digital certificate
  • No personal accountant
  • Only includes Modelo 130, 303 and 390. Extra cost for additional forms.
  • Consultations with hourly cost. No chat available
  • Maintenance of accounting records is your job
  • Extra cost for changes or formalities with Hacienda (new IAE registration, 036 modification)
  • No online platform
  • You're responsible for creating your own invoices and calculate the VAT and income tax
  • You are responsible for sending all sales and expense invoices via email at the end of the quarter
  • You are responsible for tracking your own invoice collection and reporting it to an accountant
  • All your data will be unprotected on the accountant's computer
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FREE autónomo registration

Hacienda and Social Security registration included (price without promotion 39€)

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