Celebrate every fiscal year, with Xolo’s annual freelancer tax reporting

Even if you stopped being a freelancer this year, Hacienda is still awaiting your input. File your annual tax reports in a couple of clicks with Xolo.

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Working freelancers

Included in your plan

If you are currently still registered as autónomo, you don't have to worry about a thing. With Xolo you can easily file all your taxes — quarterly and annually, as long as you have been with us for at least 3 months or with an additional supplement

Former freelancers

If you leave before 6 months

If life has taken you down a different path, you still have one prior stop to make. All those workers who have been registered as freelancers at some point during the year are required to file these reports.

We file all your annual reports with Hacienda

Let Xolo come to the rescue! We are here to make your life easier (and to prevent so much management from ruining the end of the year). Celebrate instead!

VAT annual report

VAT here, VAT there, VAT everywhere. As if filing every 3 months was not enough, you will also have to file Form 390 at the end of the year.

Annual income tax summary (IRPF)

Keeping track of your income tax is not so easy if you are a freelancer. Withholdings on each invoice, self-assessments... And several annual reports depending on your activity. It can be quite a mess.

Your annual summary statement with Xolo

Year after year, we’re available to help you with your taxes. If you have been deregistered and now you want to file your returns quickly and easily, register and tell us about your situation.

From €150 + VAT

The best way to submit annual reports for freelancers

Easy, fast and without having to search for answers on the internet. With Xolo, your annual reports are presented as if by magic.

Reviewed and presented by experts

You’re in good hands. Our team of expert accountants will review your case in detail and will answer any questions you may have.

Always online

We gather the necessary information, prepare the forms, and that's it! Your annual reports without leaving home (or even lifting a finger).

Some doubts that recur every year

Forms that work as a summary. Something like a document that certifies that the taxes that you have been presenting as freelancer throughout the year are correct. Like a memory. Thanks to them, Hacienda can verify that nothing has escaped you and that, if everything fits, you do not have to pay anything else.

Each annual summary is presented through a different model. You have probably heard of them before:

  • Form 390: a summary of all your VAT collections.
  • Form 190: a summary of the withholdings corresponding to your employees or other freelancers who have issued you an invoice.
  • Form 180: the annual summary of the withholdings corresponding to the rent of your workplace.
  • Form 100: the summary of all your IRPF withholdings. Your Renta.*

*Additional service not included

The million dollar question: do I also have to submit the reports? It all depends on whether you are among the lucky group of freelancers who are exempt from any of the summaries.

In the case of Form 390 (VAT collections), the only lucky exempts are the freelancers that:

  • Regarding models 180 and 190, these can only be submitted if during the year you have received invoices with withholding tax (IRPF) of 15% or 19%; Otherwise, you will not have the obligation.
  • Form 347 must only be submitted by those who have carried out transactions with third parties when the total amount invoiced is greater than 3,005.06 euros during a fiscal year (January to December). If your billing has been with withholding or has been declared in other models, such as 349, then you will not have the obligation
  • In the case of Form 390 (annual summary of VAT models presented quarterly) only those that:
    • Those who carry out activities exempt from charging VAT on their invoices are exempt from submitting quarterly VAT 303 forms.
    • Carry out activities that consist of the leasing of real estate.
    • Taxpayers who are included in the SII (immediate provision of VAT information).

Close the year with Xolo

Trust Xolo and fulfill all your tax responsibilities. Our expert accountants don't miss a single detail. There is no report they can't handle.

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