How can I get started with doing business completely online?

Last updated: March 25, 2020

With Xolo, every aspect of starting and running a business can be handled online, which makes it a great tool to use during a time of travel restrictions and recommendations to avoid social contact.

If you're planning to start using Xolo Go, the whole process of setting up your account and invoicing your customers is the same as always.

If you're planning to start using Xolo Leap, the entire process is also done online if you already have your e-Residency card. If you're still waiting to pick up your e-Residency card, please find more information from the e-Residency section of this FAQ.

Since picking up your e-Residency card might be more difficult at the moment, it could be worthwhile to get your business up and running with Xolo Go which doesn't require e-Residency or setting up a company. However, there are certain restrictions you have to take into consideration when opting for Xolo Go.

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