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What type of businesses does Xolo Go support?

Letzte Aktualisierung: June 11, 2022

Xolo Go supports providing location-independent freelancing and contracting services to business (B2B) and private (B2C) customers in the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada or the United States.

Examples of professional services that Xolo Go supports:

  • Software development and design

  • Brand architecture (incl. creating logos, slogans etc.)

  • Live webinars

  • Content development and strategy

  • Photography or any other individually commissioned content sent in a digital form

  • Translation services

  • Educational or professional courses where the content is delivered by a person during a live session via the internet or an electronic network (vs pre-recorded content).

Professional services by definition require specialized knowledge and skill, usually of a mental or intellectual nature and are delivered to the customer using significant human involvement.

Xolo Go does not support:

  • sales of digital goods (supported by Xolo Leap > compare Go & Leap)

  • sales of digital services (incl. hosting)

  • sale of physical goods, incl dropshipping

    • selling via Amazon FBA is also not supported

  • business transactions in cryptocurrencies

  • sales of licensed professional services such as legal, tax or financial advisory services

  • location-dependent services such as on-location live performances of any kind

  • receiving royalties

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