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How can I process my autónomo deregistration? 

Letzte Aktualisierung: September 01, 2022

If you want to deregister as autónomo, you must also cancel your subscription with Xolo. You can request to deregister as autónomo at any time. The process is the same as cancelling your Xolo account, you can do it in these two ways:

  • From the platform, following these steps: Log in > Business Profile > Plan & Billing > Cancel Subscription > Deregister autónomo

Once you press the confirmation button, a request will be sent to our team to proceed with it.

  • By email, please send us a message directly to ayuda@xolo.io with the subject: "Unsubscribe from Xolo and deregister autónomo". Request your unsubscription and detail why you want to stop being a Xolo customer. You will receive an email where we we will inform you of the process to process your autónomo deregistration with Hacienda and the Social Security and the tax obligations you have during that quarter or calendar year even if you cease to be an autónomo in Spain.  

You should know that this procedure is not included in your monthly subscription. Check our autónomo deregistration and tax reports fees.

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