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How much is it to set up a company?

Last updated: June 10, 2023

When you’re starting your company, you'll incur the following costs:

  • State fee for e-Residency: €120, plus travel costs to collect your e-resident ID-card at the location you select

  • State fee for company registration in Estonia: €265 (paid via Xolo Leap)

  • State service fee for company online registration in Estonian Business Registry: €25 + VAT (paid via Xolo Leap)

  • Xolo Leap first monthly fee, depending on a plan:
    Basic: €89 + VAT
    Pro: €129 + VAT
    Growth: €199 + VAT

And these are costs related to banking:

  • Opening an LHV business bank account: €300 (for non-residents of Estonia), as well as travel costs involved to have a compulsory face-to-face meeting in Estonia

  • Opening a Wise business account: €50

  • Issuing and delivering your bank debit card: Free of charge

  • Monthly fee for your LHV business debit card: €2

  • Monthly fee for your LHV account: €30

The fees mentioned above are subject to change in future. Check out our pricing page to see a detailed monthly breakdown of the costs related to setting up and running a company.

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