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Can I invest from my Estonian company?

Last updated: July 02, 2022

Technically, you can invest but your options are limited. When using Xolo Leap, your Estonian company is allowed to make the following investments:

  • Buy-sell shares in publicly traded companies and funds

  • Buy-sell cryptocurrencies for investment purposes

  • Invest in start-ups or other private companies registered in the EU or in the UK (from January 2021) (either a convertible loan or equity), receiving a minority stake and no controlling rights (less than 20%)

  • Lending via internationally recognized crowd-funding platforms

  • Lending to start-ups or other private companies registered in the EU or in the UK (from January 2021) based on a loan agreement (incl. parties' details, loan amount, market interest rate, payment deadline)

This means the following investments are not allowed (not an exhaustive list):

  • Buying real estate, land, a car, or any other physical assets

  • Buying physical gold/silver

  • Buying a controlling/majority share in another company

  • Lending to a friend or any other individual directly

  • Lending to yourself (as a shareholder/board member of the company)

Your company is allowed to invest only profits earned from your core business activities or reinvest funds earned from other investment activities, assuming the latter will not become the core business activity itself. For investing and lending platforms a BUSINESS ACCOUNT is required to open for your company.

This means you cannot use a loan or initial share capital to make investments. And the investment activities cannot replace the initial core business of the company (e.g. instead of providing software development services the company starts trading activities), because otherwise the company will be required to have a separate activity license in Estonia.

Advice regarding investment opportunities is beyond our competence. But there are other professional service providers you can turn to. 

For instance, LHV is also known for its investing capabilities. You can read more about it on their website.

For accounting purposes, you would need to provide us with a balance report or statement with the total value of the investments on a yearly basis.

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