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What is the required share capital and when do I need to pay it?

Last updated: October 10, 2019

When you register a private limited company in Estonia, you need to pay €2 500 as company share capital (the payment can be postponed and paid in instalments).

Do not confuse the required share capital with state fees – your company still owns the share capital and you’re free to use the sum in your business operations, once it's been paid in.

To soften the blow, you have the possibility to postpone the actual payment of share capital, so you as the founder can pay for the shares either at the time of establishment or also later. Xolo Leap customers tend to prefer the latter option. Please keep in mind that until you’ve paid the share capital in full, you’re liable to the company for the obligations of the company and you cannot pay any dividends. If you wish to pay out dividends from your company, the share capital needs to be paid and registered, and the annual report for the financial year needs to be submitted.

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