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How often do I need to provide my expense documents to Xolo?

Last updated: November 25, 2023

Xolo needs to have your expense invoices on a monthly basis in order to prepare your VAT and income tax returns. 

Providing us with the information in advance will help us to have better control of all your expenses, review them properly and advise you if necessary to save you money.

To make sure your expenses are up to date and everything is deducted in that quarter upload your expense invoices (in PDF) to our platform or forward them to the Xolo platform from your unique expense email address:

  1. One at a time immediately after purchase (each invoice in a .pdf)

  2. All at once once a month. Add your expense documents for the previous month in the first week of the following month. You will be able to upload your expenses for that month until the 4th of the following month, i.e. you have until February 4th to upload your January expenses.

We will check which ones are deductible and advise you on how to save money.

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