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How can I include my expenses in the platform?

Last updated: March 26, 2024

There are two options for doing submitting a new expense document:

  • Upload the documents via your self-service dashboard
  • Forward documents via your personal Xolo email address

Here are detailed instructions for both methods:

Online via your dashboard

You can go to your ‘Expenses’ section in self-service and click ‘Upload expenses’. Then click ‘choose files’ or click and drag the files onto the dashboard interface to upload them directly.

Make sure you’re uploading the files in PDF, JPEG or PNG format and that each file contains only one expense document. You can easily upload multiple files via drag & drop or by uploading them within a ZIP file.

All your uploads will appear under "Documents in review".

If your uploaded expense document requires further explanation, feel free to add comments in the description box, which you can access by clicking on the three dots symbol and selecting ‘Edit.’

Forwarding via email

To forward documents via email, navigate to your self-service dashboard and choose "Expenses" on the left. You'll find your personal forwarding email address by choosing "Upload expenses," and navigating down to "Receipt forwarding," and use this dedicated email address with all relevant vendors.

This is particularly useful for services who invoice you on a regular basis, or send a monthly expense report, as the documents can be sent directly to Xolo without you being forced to play the middleman (or woman!) every month. Simply register your dedicated email with the relevant vendors, and then sit back and relax because your work here is done!

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