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Which tax reports do you help me with?

Last updated: November 25, 2023

Depending on the status of your business registration and the nature of your business transactions, the following tax reports may be applicable and will be submitted by Xolo on your behalf: model 111, 130, 303, 347, 349, and 390.

It is our job to determine which tax reports are applicable to you during each reporting period.

Please note that once the tax year is over (June of the following year) you'll have to submit your Personal Income Tax (IRPF) where you'll also include any additional income (For example, if you sold an apartment) and deductible expenses/allowances from the previous year. All pre-paid sums will be deducted from your IRPF. This general individual declaration is not covered by Xolo so you'll need to take care of it by yourself. The tax authorities (AEAT) will send you a draft and we strongly recommend reviewing this draft on your own and/or with a Spanish tax expert.

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