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Why is the 'remember-me' option not working?

Last updated: August 29, 2023

The remember-me functionality works by using a cookie in the browser. This means that when you visit the next time from the same device and the same browser software, if that browser still has that cookie, it can continue the previous session.

Normal process:
1) Open a browser
2) Navigate to and click Login
3) On the login page, check the remember me checkbox and log in with your chosen method
4) You are now logged in
5) Close the browser
6) Open the browser again within the next 7 days
7) Navigate to and click Login (or navigate directly to
8) You should immediately be in the self-service, logged in from the previous time.

If this does not work, then things that could potentially break this:
1) Remember-me does not work in incognito/private browsing mode, because all the cookies are deleted after you close the browser window.
2) You have some 3rd party privacy software or browser security settings that delete cookies after the browser window is closed or after some timeout.
3) Some old conflicting cookies for domain --> The solution is to delete all cookies for domain once now and test the above flow again.

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