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What details should an expense invoice contain? 

Last updated: November 25, 2023

In order for a proof of expense to be accepted and or approved on Xolo’s platform, it must come from your supplier (e.g. Google, Amazon, etc.) and not from the payment processor or banking provider.

If you do not have a purchase invoice, or your supplier cannot provide one, you can replace it with email order confirmations, but only if they include the necessary details for a proof of expenditure. The expense invoice does not necessarily have to be titled "invoice", it is the content that matters.

In order to justify your business expenses, you must always have an invoice for them (except in the case of payment of self-employed or health insurance contributions) and it must contain the following information:

  • invoice number

  • the date of the invoice (the date of the purchase), and the date of the transaction if it appears on the document and it is different

  • the name of the buyer (your name!)

  • the seller's details (name, VAT number)

  • the description of the purchase (the content of the purchased product/service)

  • currency

  • VAT taxable amount

  • VAT percentage and amount (if applicable)

  • total amount

The expense proof that you add does not have to be in English or Spanish. However, if it is in a different language you do need to specify the details of the purchase, simply add a brief comment to the description field when you add the expense.

Remember that in order to correctly deduct your expenses as a freelancer, the invoice must be complete, that is, with all your personal data included in it.

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